This isn’t
Flyover Country beer.

The Other Midwest

If you don’t expect good craft beer from the Midwest, you don’t know The Other Midwest.

True, Upland Brewing Company is located in the middle of the Midwest. But it’s not the conservative, middle-America small town you might be picturing right now. Upland’s hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, is a haven of progressive, independent thinkers. It’s the kind of place that gives birth to great ideas. And great beer.

So we helped Upland claim their roots in “The Other Midwest.” An updated logo, packaging and identity system captured the laid-back, yet forward-thinking ethos of Bloomington. Judging by the 40% increase in in-store sales, it resonated with craft beer drinkers. And as for Upland, they loved it so much, they made a special Young & Laramore brew to say thanks.