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Great. You might be the person we were just standing in the hallway agreeing we really need around here. We probably just haven’t gotten around to posting the job yet.

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Current Job Openings

Account Manager

Are you an Account Manager? First one in, last one home? “The responsible one” in groups you hang out in?

Can you jibe with clients? Are you inclined to walk over to the writer and politely discuss whether the word “jibe” fits brand tonality? Do you question insight and strategy behind ads you encounter, to the point it annoys your family? Was “review Y&L job posting” a line item on a to-do list you made while handling a bunch of timelines, budgets, billing statements and status reports on your current clients?

Do you like cleaning up messes? Do you prefer preventing messes?

Do you have at least 3-5 years of experience that includes managing projects that might involve TV, print, outdoor or digital? Has anyone ever remarked “you really seem passionate about that” while you were defending work?

Good. Let’s chat.

Senior Designer

Are you a Senior Designer? Do you stay up till dawn creating custom desktop backgrounds? Have you purchased bad food for its good packaging? Can you tell the difference between PMS Cool Gray 9 and PMS Cool Gray 10? Would you consider naming your first child Roman Hanging Punctuation, Neutraface or Pen Tool? Do you stop your car to hand-kern LORDY LORDY LOOK WHO’S FORTY marquee signs? Were you more excited about designing the invitations to your wedding than you were about your actual wedding?

Do you have at least five years of experience and a portfolio to match?

Are you ready to apply already?


Are you a Designer? Do you know more about Adobe CS than you do about your own family? Do you collect fonts the way writer’s sweaters collect dog hair? The way that guy who was on Hoarders that one time collected rats? Have you ever sat motionless before your computer, debating the relative merits of PMS 2757 versus PMS 2767?

Do you have 2-3 years of experience and some work to share?

Where are we located?

Y&L is situated in historic Lockerbie Square, the oldest intact residential neighborhood in Indianapolis. Lockerbie Square is a quiet block with tree-lined streets and brick paved roadways that lead straight to “Mass Ave,” a lively arts district full of good food, great drinks, a handful of our favorite local businesses and just the right amount of funk.

During the week, you can almost always find some faction of Y&L hanging out across the street at Lockerbie Pub, our designated dive bar/fried-pickle-shop of choice. And you’ll usually find the rest of us (when we leave our desks and embrace the daylight) perusing the agency vegetable garden, riding bikes along the Monon or Cultural Trails, playing Bocce Ball at B’s ‘Po Boy in Fountain Square or out for a run over lunch (did we mention we have a club for that?).

High 74°F / Low 55°F
39° 46’ 21.712” N, 86° 8’ 37.436”W
Lockerbie Square, Indpls, IN
Did somebody say “scarf season”?!