The people make the place.

The place makes the people happy.

Every morning, bells ring out through the hundred-year-old building once known Indianapolis Public School No. 9, and creative minds get to work. This former schoolhouse is now home to us: a mid-sized, Midwestern agency that was anti-established in 1983. And over the years, we’ve managed to fill its halls with a lot of smart, talented, we-feel-lucky-to-know-them people.

The fact that so many of them stay on for years is a testament to the office being a pretty great one. And we’re not the only ones who think so. Ad Age and Outside Magazine have included us on their Best Places to Work lists year after year, and Adweek called us “the one where you’d like to work” in their United States of Ad Agencies.

We’re proud of the accolades, but more than that, we’re proud of the people who helped us earn them. Thanks to them, we’re not only a great place to work but a place to make great work.

Open Positions


Are you a Writer?

Are you good with words? Can you spin extravagantly verbose phraseology, or write ‘em super simple? Are the seams of your brain constantly bursting with new ideas? Can you find a way to make any subject matter interesting, no matter how not-interesting you find it? Are you hoarding a stack of scrawled-in notebooks you’ll never get rid of? Do your friends ask you to write their texts for them? Are you addicted to the feeling you get from a well-written, well-delivered last line? Are you bothered that THAT wasn’t the last line?

Account Manager

Are you an Account Manager?

First one in, last one home? “The responsible one” in groups you hang out in? Can you jibe with clients? Are you inclined to walk over to the writer and politely discuss whether the word “jibe” fits brand tonality? Do you question insight and strategy behind ads you encounter, to the point it annoys your family?

Was “review Y&L job posting” a line item on a to-do list you made while handling a bunch of timelines, budgets, billing statements and status reports on your current clients? Do you like cleaning up messes? Do you prefer preventing messes?

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Don’t see the job you’re looking for?
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