One giant leap for spray paint.

The Dawn of a New Spray

Not just do-it-yourself. Choose-it-yourself.

Spray paint. The Swiss army knife of DIY. Its uses are endless: stopping rust, flipping furniture, redoing decor. But up till now, there’s only been one way to spray. Rust-Oleum’s new 5-in-1 nozzle is changing that. It’s got five different patterns, letting users tailor the spray to their project.

Our job? Getting people to understand—and embrace—the new nozzle. We built a campaign showing how the right spray pattern can eliminate drips, runs and uneven coverage. And we won over DIYers with a simple message: Their weapon of choice now comes with more choice. And more choice means better results.


“Now, More”



AR Experience

Spray it. Don’t say it.

Step into the spray paint aisle of any home improvement store, and you’ll see paint-splatter evidence of a universal truth: When it comes to spray paint, people want to try before they buy—even if that means defacing store property to test out a can.

So instead of just telling people how great the 5-in-1 nozzle is, we showed them. In-store QR codes drove them to our custom AR module, where they could try out the spray patterns for themselves.


Web AR

Not Another App.

We used the WebAR platform, making the experience accessible and easy to use without having to download (yet another) app.


3D Models

Nooks, Crannies, Edges and Planes.

To show off the spray patterns, we used five 3D models, each highlighting a different problem the new 5-in-1 nozzle can help solve.


Free Spray Mode

Spray to Your Heart’s Content.

Users can follow a guided experience or choose “Free Spray” mode to play and explore at their own pace.



A Place to Land.

We also designed a microsite to support the campaign—driving ad traffic directly to the AR experience.

Give it a spin.

Care to give it a spin?

Scan the QR code to try out the spray patterns for yourself.

Try the experience