Tough doesn’t have to
be hard.

It's Easy. Then It's Tough.

We took the fear out of floor coats.

When Rust-Oleum asked us to help increase sales of their EpoxyShield garage floor coating, our research was telling. We found out most homeowners want to protect their garage floors. And most of them know about EpoxyShield. But less than 1% of all U.S. garages have any kind of epoxy coating. The reason? Homeowners aren’t sure if they can do it themselves. Or if it’ll stand up to wear.

So we won over those would-be DIYers with a spot that shows just how ridiculously easy EpoxyShield is to apply—and how ridiculously good it is at standing up to all of life’s wear and tear. So homeowners can throw on EpoxyShield. And then, throw anything at it.