Addicted to progress.

Let’s Go Again

Think tennis meets ping pong, and you’ve got pickleball.

It’s highly addictive—play once, and you’re hooked. Which is why it’s now the fastest growing sport in the world, one with competitive athletes of all ages. As the game gets younger, the leading paddle brand, Paddletek, needed to evolve to reach a new generation. So Y&L reshaped the brand with a fierce, athletic edge. New logo, new paddle designs, new website, the works.

We channeled that addictive feeling with our tagline: “Let’s Go Again.” It became a rallying cry to keep swinging, keep playing and keep getting better. Since the highest ranked pros play with Paddletek, we put them front and center in the launch campaign. And we drove home the message that the best players in the world trust Paddletek to take their game to the next level.



The Team




Elevating their game.

We marked the new era of Paddletek with a redesigned website, highlighting the tech behind each model to make it easy to find the right paddle for you.