Girls who swing Slugger,
swing fierce.

She Swings Slugger

Louisville Slugger stands for hard hits and
home runs.

But sometimes people think it just means baseball. Slugger wanted to prove that its fastpitch lineup is just as solid. And more importantly, that fastpitch players are just as tough as the guys.

We created new social media profiles to target their female audience more directly. We packed their feeds with killer photography, partnered with members of the USA Softball team and used the #SheSwingsSlugger hashtag to highlight strong, confident women.

The fan response was overwhelming. Within the first 16 months, the brand’s Instagram racked up half a million organic engagements, and players picked up the hashtag #SheSwingsSlugger, tagging their own posts and proudly showing the world just how powerful girls who swing Slugger are.


“Up Your Game”


“All-New Lineup”



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