Pride, amplified.

Pride 2023

Hotel Tango welcomes all.

And that spirit is exemplified in their support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Every year, they celebrate Pride Month by releasing a special, limited-edition bottle design for their craft Vodka. For every bottle sold, they donate $1 to the Modern Military Associate of America, the nation’s largest organization of LGBTQIA+ service members, military spouses, veterans, their families, and allies.

This year, Y&L collaborated with Brazilian artist Jun Ioneda to create a design that captures the idea of “Fervo é Luta,” a saying in Brazil among the LGBTQIA+ community that loosely translates to “To party is to fight/resist”—a reminder to be strong and serious about the struggle, but also to enjoy life at its best. The result is a joyous spirit in every sense of the word—one that lives on the bottle and beyond.


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AR Experience

Bringing the party to the bottle.

Jun Ioneda’s figures embody the joy and resistance of Pride—so much so that you can almost see the characters dancing on the bottle. So we thought: Why not bring the party to life? Using open-source WebAR triggered by a QR on the tag, we created an AR experience to draw consumers into the spirit.