Corps competency.

Distilled With Discipline

Made by a Marine = Made the right way.

That’s the idea at the heart of the Hotel Tango brand. But without the right messaging, it wasn’t coming through. Instead, Hotel Tango’s military connection—it’s the first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery in the country—was seen as a novelty rather than a reason to believe. You might buy a bottle for a relative who served, but you wouldn’t buy one for yourself.

We addressed that challenge with a complete rebranding that reflects the meticulous approach Travis Barnes, HT’s founder, learned in his time as a decorated Marine. It’s that mindset that he brings to all nine spirits Hotel Tango crafts—and why we say they’re “Distilled with discipline.”




Out of Home


Telling the full story.

A completely redesigned website allowed us to place a new emphasis on Travis’ experiences in the Marines, while still providing information about Hotel Tango’s spirits and tasting rooms.