The Million Dollar Flavor
is back.

Born 1902. Reborn 2016.

Reviving Indiana’s most beloved beer of all time.

At the turn of the 20th century, Champagne Velvet was ubiquitous throughout the Midwest. In fact, it’s probably what your great grandpa drank after a long shift at the factory. But then Prohibition hit, the brewery shut its doors, and the beloved American Pilsner disappeared. Lucky for those with good tastes, it wasn’t gone forever.

The original, handwritten recipe—once famously insured for $1 million—recently resurfaced. Now Upland Brewing is reviving the classic taste, and they asked Y&L to revive its classic brand. We did exactly that with a look that brings CV’s heritage into the modern day and a campaign that celebrates the time-honored tradition of having a good time.


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