Take it a glass at a time.

Whatever, Whenever.

Don’t finish everything you start.

For years, wine enthusiasts have been trapped by the “whole bottle” mentality. You can’t pop the cork if you’re not gonna drink the whole thing. But Coravin’s new Pivot wine preservation system is here to change the game. It keeps open bottles fresh for up to four weeks, so you can have a glass anytime it sounds good.

To help them launch it—and usher in a new era of freedom for wine enthusiasts everywhere—we created a campaign that celebrates all the pairings you can create when you don’t have to finish the whole bottle. Like a cabernet and a loose definition of charcuterie. Or a pinot and your fifth episode of reality TV. Because now, any occasion that calls for wine can have it.


“Engagement Announcement”
“Vintage Aesthetic”
“That Vegan Thing”
“Charcuterie Board”
“Reality Television”
“Red Carpet”
“Made it to Wednesday”
“Office Gossip”
“White Goes With Fish”



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