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Want to join the team?

Are you passionate about what you do? Able to stand up for your ideas but open to changing your mind? Do you like the sound of Donut Thursdays? And bringing your dog to the office? And unlimited popcorn? Can you see yourself at an agency that Adweek called “the one where you want to work”?

Great. We could use somebody like you around here.

Current Job Openings

To view our open media positions, visit Echopoint Media, a division of Y&L.

Marketing Data Analyst

Are you a Marketing Data Analyst?

By at least 95%, plus or minus 5%?

Are you 3 to 5 years into digital advertising, media or marketing in an analytics capacity, and ready to provide our clients with data-driven, actionable insights? Does the phrase “data-driven, actionable insights” have you leaning forward in your chair right now?

How are you at collaborating and presenting your work in front of a group?  We assume you can customize reports, using everything from Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote and pivot tables to advanced data visualization platforms like Tableau, Klipfolio or Domo? Are you ready to use predictive statistics and customer profiling, including attribution, trend and diminishing returns analyses. How about troubleshooting data irregularities, developing client templates and mining data? Maybe you’re raring to manage our analytics process to provide a clear, compelling, holistic narrative that’s useful to base decisions on? Right now are you nodding? Then we’re nodding. We’d love to hear from you.



Digital Developer

Are you a digital developer?

Do you dream in HTML and CSS? Do you know Photoshop well enough to call it by its childhood nickname? Do you love curling up with a good React tutorial? Do you understand SEO best practices? Did you check the meta tags before reading this paragraph? If we asked you to debug a flexbox layout, could you? Yeah? What if we asked you to write unit tests? Or do basic database management? What if we asked you to juggle? When people ask “What’s new?” do you reply with a lengthy dissertation on progressive web apps?

Do you have 1-2 years of experience and a resume to share?


Community Manager

Are you a community manager?

Are you fluent in memes? Can you spot the next big thing before it trends? Do you experience a gag reflex when you see brands trying too hard? Can you sound like an actual human responding to other actual humans on social media? Are you detail-oriented enough to plan content months in advance, yet flexible enough to make last-minute changes or respond to current events?

Have you ever tamed a troll? Or turned around a bad customer experience? Or transformed a follower into a super fan?

Do you have 1-2 years of experience and a resume to share?


Video Editor

Are you a video editor?

Do you have trouble watching movies because you get distracted by continuity errors? Do you get confused when someone uses the word “scrub” to refer to cleaning? Does the prospect of sifting through raw footage simultaneously inspire you with dread and also just inspire you? Have you ever scribbled a storyboard on a napkin? Or lost track of time because you were so absorbed in a project?

Do you sometimes wish you could color-grade real life? Do you know Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, maybe even After Effects? Are you up for creating everything from longform content to short social videos? 

Do you have 1-2 years of experience? Last question: can we see your reel?


Designer (Mid-Level)

Are you a designer?

Do you stay up till dawn creating custom desktop wallpaper? Have you purchased bad food for its good packaging? Do you follow Pantone’s Twitter feed? Would you consider naming your first child Archer, Gotham or Didot? Do you stop your car to hand-kern LORDY LORDY LOOK WHO’S 40 marquee signs? Have you ever sat motionless before your computer, debating the relative merits of PMS 2757 versus PMS 2767?

Can you tell Arial from Helvetica at a glance? Would you raise your voice and pound your desk while explaining the differences?

Do you have at least 3 years of experience and a portfolio to match? Are you ready to apply yet?


Art Director

Are you an art director?

Does trite advertising make you shout loud, angry words that echo off your impeccably decorated walls? Do you talk about lighting the way some people talk about fine wines? Do you know more about Adobe CS than you do about your own family? Have you ever asked for a Pantone book for Christmas? Or created a fake product just so you could do the packaging? Can you use both sides of your brain? And back up your passion for the work with some serious design chops?

Do you have at least 3-5 years of experience and a kickass portfolio that includes tv, print, outdoor and digital work? Would you like to send us that portfolio?



Are you a writer?

Can you find something interesting about any subject? Then write about it in a way that makes everyone else interested, too? Do you have the patience to rephrase, tweak and refine copy until you find the exact right words in the exact right order? To write a hundred headlines when you only need one? To trim as many unnecessary words as possible? Do you love visual solutions as much as long copy? Digital as much as print? Do you flinch when someone says “utilize” instead of “use” or “signage” instead of “sign”?

Do you have 3-5 years of experience and a portfolio that includes tv, print, outdoor and digital work? Are you already drafting your cover letter?


Don’t see what you’re looking for?

You might be the person we were just standing in the hallway agreeing we really need. We probably just haven’t gotten around to posting the job yet.

Send your resume, or a link to some work

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