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Are you passionate about what you do? Able to stand up for your ideas but open to changing your mind? Do you like the sound of Donut Thursdays? And bringing your dog to the office? And unlimited popcorn? Can you see yourself at an agency that Adweek called “the one where you want to work”?

Great. We could use somebody like you around here.

Current Job Openings

To view our open media positions, visit Echopoint Media, a division of Y&L.

Summer 2019 Account Management Intern

Are you our 2019 Summer Account Management Intern?

Spend your days getting hands-on experience in communications, project management, online research and presentation preparation as a part of our account management team.  

Interviews most likely to take place in February/March.

Our summer interns are typically a college junior or senior majoring in advertising...or marketing, PR or communications.  Or none of the above, but have a passion for communications or how people think.  

We look for candidates who have an eye for detail, a curious mind, and a strong work ethic.


Digital Intern

Do you want to be a Digital Intern? Is creating basic HTML5 banners your bread? Is on-page SEO optimization your ham? Is cross-platform browser testing your cheese? Is creating HTML subpages from provided templates your lettuce? Are CMS updates your tomato? Are directed linkbuilding, unit testing and research your assorted condiments? Are HTML, CSS and Photoshop your plate, napkin and frilly toothpick? Has your tolerance for elaborate, sandwich-based metaphors been stretched to the breaking point?

Do you have projects to share?


Associate Account Manager

Are you an Associate Account Manager?

Are you looking to break into advertising? Are you prepared to assist the account management team with their multiple duties? Especially when those duties entail managing projects, tracking budgets and conducting copious amounts of research? Are you prepared to fearlessly tread the razor’s edge between representing a client’s interests and advocating for your agency’s best creative work?  Do you see an ad on tv or online and question who it was intended for and why they made the choices they did?

Can you manage more than one project at the same time? Are you self-motivated? And detail-oriented? 


Digital Developer

Are you a digital developer?

Do you dream in HTML and CSS? Do you love curling up with a good React tutorial? Do you know Photoshop well enough to call it by its childhood nickname? Do you understand SEO best practices? Did you check the meta tags before reading this paragraph? If we asked you to debug a flexbox layout, could you? Yeah? What if we asked you to automate our Instagram to like pictures of dogs? Or do basic database management? What if we asked you to juggle? When people ask “What’s new?” do you reply with a lengthy dissertation on progressive web apps?

Do you have 1-2 years of experience and a resume to share?


Video Editor

Are you a video editor?

Do you have trouble watching movies because you get distracted by continuity errors? Do you get confused when someone uses the word “scrub” to refer to cleaning? Does the prospect of sifting through raw footage simultaneously inspire you with dread and also just inspire you? Have you ever scribbled a storyboard on a napkin? Or lost track of time because you were so absorbed in a project?

Do you sometimes wish you could color-grade real life? Do you know Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, maybe even After Effects? Are you up for creating everything from longform content to short social videos? 

Do you have 1-2 years of experience? Last question: can we see your reel?


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