Young & Laramore

Gift Bags

With shelves full of jewelry, unusual gifts and housewares, Silver in the City is unlike other gift stores—so we knew its bags, windows, ads, digital work and point of purchase choices had to reflect that. We developed a true personality for Silver in the City, complete with a voice that’s funny and eccentric, a classic, artful and bold graphic tone and an all around air of excitement that keeps current fans coming back and, while successfully drawing new fans in.

With a limited budget, we were able to design a series of talkative bags to serve as “walking billboards” for the store, rather than investing in the real thing. With messages like “Know the person carrying this bag? Lucky you.” And, “Nobody has ever said, ‘oh you shouldn’t have’ and meant it,” these bags pack a wordy punch and are easy to spot on the street—even from far distances. Take that, real billboards!


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