See the <3

See the Heart

Do you see the heart?

As an agency, organ donation recently became a cause that hit very close to home when our President, Tom Denari’s wife had to receive a heart transplant. This life changing experience made us decide we needed to do something. Raising awareness on a state and national level, of the positive impact becoming an organ donor can have, seemed like a cause we could use our skills to get behind.

Through this project we learned that a lot of people weren’t sure if they were organ donors or not. And worse, some people who thought they were actually weren’t. So our goal was simple—get people to check their license and make sure they see the heart if it’s supposed to be there.

We also decided to keep a positive spin on a topic that can quickly get very doom and gloom. We focused on the large number of registrations in our state (74%) and connecting them with the positive impact their commitment has on people’s lives—and one life in particular, Maggie. Maggie is our hero and the reason this all got started. We hope her story inspires action in others.


“See the Heart”

Designed for a cause

We wanted to create a place where Maggie could tell her story and where we could provide more resources and information about organ donation. Visitors were also prompted to set a renewal reminder to keep organ donation top of mind when they’re faced with the decision. It was made to mimic the hand done feel of the video.



“How to Make a Paper Heart”
How It’s Made

It got personal

The video was done completely in house and completely by hand. Every scene was handmade to feel as personal and like Maggie as possible.