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“I’ve got a brother!!?!…”

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Charlie Hopper
Principal, Writer
Young & Laramore
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Funny. When I was looking back at the good old days of Sonic humor, it made me think of another long lost campaign. We could spend the rest of the day reminiscing and quoting the old Cliff Freeman advertising for Little Caesars. This is the first one that comes to my mind…

Now, like a volcano believed dormant that suddenly rumbles and belches sweet-smelling smoke, Little Caesars surprises us with this news flash today from Ad Age.

It’s so exciting.

Back when Cliff was making “Pizza! Pizza!” a household phrase, unfortunately, all I can remember was an indifferent service experience fetching a pizza that sat in my gut like a Civil War cannonball made of grease. I remember feeling like a Matthew Brady photograph, lying on the couch like a dead Confederate, wishing I’d just had a couple pieces of Crazy Bread and called it quits.

But times have changed.

These days, from my experience, they really do have something to sell: decent, cheap pizzas instantly available for almost no money from consistently friendly people. For, like, five bucks.

Damn, they’re a tool in my Dad arsenal now: roomfuls of kids whom I didn’t plan ahead to feed and can’t get funding to take somewhere? No prob! Two cheese, a pepperoni and a sausage, twenty bucks, I’m back in the car and everybody’s happy.

But they never advertised. The most they ever did the last few years (that I was aware of) was pay a teenager to stand out by the traffic and dance with a sign.

Now senior VP-Global Marketing Ed Gleich is looking for an agency, with no consultant involved.

Is one of America’s great brands is waking up from a corporate nap? Anything’s possible:

Charlie Hopper, Principal, Writer at Y&L

Over the past 30-something years, Charlie’s played many roles at Y&L, including writer, principal, general enthusiast and creative director on Steak ’n Shake during its heyday at the agency. He is also the author of Selling Eating: Restaurant Marketing Beyond the Word “Delicious.”