Introducing Newfields.

Brand Identity

The Indianapolis Museum of (more than just) Art

The IMA is iconic and beloved. But the museum’s audience was mostly limited to the art world. To expand their membership and attract new visitors, we needed to get people thinking about the museum in a whole new way. So we reimagined their visitor experience with a new brand: Newfields, A Place for Nature & The Arts.

The Newfields brand celebrates not only the museum—now known as the IMA at Newfields—but everything it has to offer. From yoga classes and film festivals to craft beer and a 152-acre campus with blooming gardens, scenic waterways, and wooded strolls. World-class art exhibits, yes. But also, so much more.



“Day One”



There’s a lot going on at Newfields.

The 130-year-old institution stays busy with a dizzying array of education, research, exhibitions, performances and events. But that much information gets real overwhelming real fast. We simplified their website by bringing daily events to the forefront, and we created a dynamic map that changes with the seasons, showcasing just how much the Newfields campus has to offer year-round.