How to Frustrate Copycats

How to Frustrate Copycats

Everybody wants to be different. That’s what makes us all the same.

In a fashion world where Gen-Z women (the main demographic we’re tasked with reaching) are trying to create a look, a personal style, a statement that belongs to them and nobody else—well, that just happens to be a perfect fit: unique fashion ensembles are exactly what Goodwill can provide. For very little investment.

We’re bringing this idea to life with actual Goodwill finds, combined and accessorized into overall looks—then photographed by Glen Gyssler in Chicago. We’re spreading the images throughout social media and digital platforms (where our target dwells), and delivering the message a dozen different ways: Goodwill fashion is “in,” inexpensive, and every store is always getting more “in.”




“Frustrate Copycats”