Beauty where you
least expect it.

Vettis Concrete

When you think luxury, you probably don’t think concrete.

Yet this humble material took center stage in Vettis Concrete, the first limited edition faucet from luxury fittings brand Brizo. It’s unprecedented. It’s unexpected. It’s stunning. But it’s also unlike anything else on the market. We faced the challenge of getting high-end consumers and designers to see concrete as more than an industrial substance.

To change their perceptions, we brought to life #TheBeautyofConcrete with stunning print, digital and social content, plus a launch event at New York Fashion Week. We elevated concrete to the height of luxury and proved once again that Brizo doesn’t just embody fashion—it redefines the boundaries.


“The Beauty of Concrete”



Out of Home

Launch Event


Putting innovation and artistry at the forefront

The campaign needed a digital presence as exquisite at the faucet itself, so we built a custom landing page. The design combines breathtaking photography with constant motion to guide users through the story and give Vettis Concrete all the fanfare it deserves.