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Where are we located?

Y&L is situated in historic Lockerbie Square, the oldest intact residential neighborhood in Indianapolis. Lockerbie Square is a quiet block with tree-lined streets and brick paved roadways that lead straight to “Mass Ave,” a lively arts district full of good food, great drinks, a handful of our favorite local businesses and just the right amount of funk.

During the week, you can almost always find some faction of Y&L hanging out across the street at Lockerbie Pub, our designated dive bar/fried-pickle-shop of choice. And you’ll usually find the rest of us (when we leave our desks and embrace the daylight) perusing the agency vegetable garden, riding bikes along the Monon or Cultural Trails, playing Bocce Ball at B’s ‘Po Boy in Fountain Square or out for a run over lunch (did we mention we have a club for that?).

High 17°F / Low 7°F
39° 46’ 21.712” N, 86° 8’ 37.436”W
Lockerbie Square, Indpls, IN
It’s a beautiful night in Indianapolis. But, we wouldn’t know, because we’re all asleep right now.

Want to join the team?

Great. You might be the person we were just standing in the hallway agreeing we really need around here. We probably just haven’t gotten around to posting the job yet.

Send your resume, or a link to some work

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Current Job Openings

Digital Strategist

Are you a digital strategist? The kind that provides thought leadership in a collaborative, cross-functional environment? The sort that facilitates conversations with digital, creative and account teams about best practices and emerging trends in the digital space? The manner that determines digital objectives within overall business objectives? The variety that creates social plans and recommendations (and executes them, when necessary)? The ilk that provides regular digital and social media reporting and analytics? The strain that compulsively tracks the reach of his or her vacation snapshots?

Digital Intern

Do you want to be a Digital Intern? Do you dream in HTML and CSS? Do you love curling up with a good Node.js tutorial? If we asked you to provide web production support, could you? Yeah? What if we asked you to do quality assurance testing? What if we asked you to juggle? When people ask “What’s new?” do you reply with a lengthy dissertation on HTML5? Do you have a secret shrine to John Resig?

Design Intern

Are you a Design Intern? Are you a conceptual thinker who can criticize your own work? Do you know Photoshop, Illustrator and other Creative Suite programs as well as you know the work of Stefan Sagmeister? Can you take direction? Can you work without it? Do you have an eye for photography? Do you have a car for photography? If pressed, could you tell PMS Cool Gray 5 from Cool Gray 6? Would you raise your voice and pound your desk while explaining which one was better?